The e-charge app

The e-charge app

Join the e-charge community to access detailed information about each charging point (type, rates, availability, etc.) and be up to date with all the related news of the network development.

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Mobile app e-charge 2
  • Find the station you need and see all the necessary information (type of connectors, power, rates, location details);

  • See the real time availability of charger;

  • Navigate to the desired charging point;

  • Start / Stop the charging session directly from application;

  • You can link one or more RFID cards to your account;

  • See in real time the charging power of your vehice, but also how many kWh have been charged;

  • You can select the departure time so that other members of the community can plan their charging sessions;

  • You have all the information about past charging sessions (date, duration, kWh loaded, sessions cost*);

  • Do you have problems while charging your car? Send us a message directly from the application and it reaches the responsible person immediately;

* Some charging stations are not able to send all this informations back to the platform.

Real time station status

With e-charge application, you can check in real-time wich charging station is available.

Find all the necessary information about the charging points of the Renovatio e-charge network (access, connectors, fees, availability, etc.) on the e-charge web application or in the e-charge mobile application.

See more details

Fees and tariffs

Normal Charge (AC)

For vehicles that charge with power between 4kW - 22kW


Ron / Unit

Fast Charge (DC)

For vehicles that charge with more than 22kW power


Ron / Unit

  • All rates are expressed in RON and include VAT.
  • Each card will be assigned to a single electric vehicle and is non-transferable.

Charging guide

We want every charging session in our network to be free of surprises. Below you will find information about the charging methods and types of stations active in the network at this time.

Back on the road in less than 30 minutes and in 3 easy steps*

* The average duration of a fast charging session of the members of the e-charge community


All Renovatio e-charge stations can be accessed using an RFID card*.

  • Tap the card to card reader;
  • Select the connector and follow the information on the station screen to start the charging session;
  • To stop the session, tap the card to card reader and follow the instructions on the screen;

* The card must be associated to an existing e-charge member account!

e-charge application

To use the application you need to have an active account. Find more information about the registration procedure here.

  • When you arrive at the station, select the connector and start charging directly from the application;
  • While car is charging, you can see in real-time details about current charging session;
  • Once the charging session is complete, you can stop it directly from application;

Please make sure you have checked the fees of the different access methods.

To help the other members of the e-charge community plan their sessions, we suggest you input the estimated departure time from the station.


With Plugsurfing you have access to over 85,000 charging points in Europe, Renovatio e-charge stations being the first ones in Romania integrated into the application. Find the nearest station, see in real time if the station is free or occupied and start the session directly from the application (our charging stations support only authorization using the application).

  • Download Plugsurfing app(free, from App Store or Google Play);
  • Register! After that, you have access to all the stations and you can see their status in real time.
  • Add your preferred Payment Method in order to control the chargers via the app. From this moment you can access all Plugsurfing partner chargers in Europe (the ones that support app authentication). For Renovatio e-charge stations, standard tariffs are applied to all charge points connected to the app.
  • Start charging directly from the app by selecting the charger and connector, or by scanning the QR code. Stop the session also from the app.

Charging instruction