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Romania's first nationwide high speed charging network

Integrate your charging station
in the e-charge network

Do you plan to install an EV charging station or do you already have one? We have the solution for operating and managing your equipment.

Integrate your charging station into the e-charge network and you will be part of a nationwide infrastructure in continuous development. Moreover, you have access to a complex platform where you will see in real time all the information collected by your station (charging history, power and duration of sessions, amount of energy delivered, availability of equipment).

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e-charge network

The e-charge network is in continuous development. We have the longest nationwide infrastructure of Charge Points. And we are constantly growing.


Do you have a location?

We want to expand over network and our chargers to be present where needed. To succeed we need your help. If you have a location where we can install an electric vehicle charging station and you want to be part of the e-charge network, you can complete the form below. We will contact you as soon as posible.


Fast SEE

We continue to develop the infrastructure of electric stations with the help of the European Union through a co-financed project that aims to develop the network of fast chargers for electric cars along the Ten-T corridors in Romania.

In the project, we will install 53 multi-standard fast charging stations (50kW DC) and 3 ultra-fast stations (150-350 kW DC), compatible with all types of electric vehicles, in over 25 locations. At the same time, fast charging solutions will be added to several existing points within the Renovatio e-charge network, located on the TEN-T priority corridors. The project will cover more than 1450 km along the two priority corridors crossing Romania.

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