All you need to know about access to Renovatio e-charge stations located in Kaufland's parking lots




Renovatio is a young and dynamic company, born from a passion for renewable energies and innovative technologies. Renovatio is committed to a policy of continuous innovation and care for the environment. We are pioneers in the renewable industry in our country, by developing the first wind and photovoltaic parks.

We believe in a future in which sustainable transport will have an ever increasing share, so we will continue and accelerate investments at national level to deploy the necessary infrastructure.

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The e-charge network is in continuos developing. We are covering major urban areas as well as main transport coridors. And we don't stop here. We will continue to grow in the years to come.

How do I charge?

We want your experience in the e-charge network to be pleasant and smooth. We share from our experience so that every interaction of yours is as simple as possible.

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We managed to create the first driver community that believes in e-mobility. We continue to develop it with you.


Our network in figures

* begining of 2022


Charging Points


Charge Stations



Network performance

Romania's first nationwide highspeed charging infrastructure.

We support an sustainable future and we thank you for choosing to be part of it. Here are the main performance parameters of the e-charge network transposed in the things that matter to us.

* in january 2016 - march 2020
** considering an average consumption of 13kWh/100km of an electric vehicle
*** considering an emission of 127g CO2/km of an equivalent vehicle on classic combustion

5 823 180

kWh charged in the network *

44 793 692

distance in km traveled **

367 635

number of charging sessions


tons of CO2 avoided ***

Development of the first electric charge stations network

The first national network for charging electric cars is called e-charge, developed by Renovatio. About the beginnings of the infrastructure for electric cars in Romania, present and future, speaks Alex Teodorescu, managing partner Renovatio. In 2019 we will have the first ultra-fast charging stations in Romania, with a minimum power of 175 kW, installed in Timisoara, Sibiu and Bucharest.


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