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We set out to make the upload experience as easy as possible for you, so we developed a RFID card and a web application that we invite you to use with confidence.

We are sure that the facilities developed by us will prove useful in your travels.

Below is a brief description of the steps required to create an account in the e-charge application*.

* The dedicated e-charge application for smartphone (Android / iOS) is in beta phase and will be public starting August 2019.

Start and Stop charging session

Check in real time charging station status

All the information you need

Help Desk

I opened the application.

How do I register?

  • Select Log in button and click on Register here link.

  • Fill in the information required in the registration form. Please be careful when entering your email address, as you will receive an account validation message. Access the link in the message received to activate your account. Remember to read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. We need your consent to complete the registration in the application.

  • In order to be able to initiate charging sessions you have to supply your virtual wallet using your bank card. For detailed information on the costs of charging your car from the e-charge network please access the fees section. The minimum amount you need to take into account in order to start a charging session is 100 RON. From this moment you can charge your electric vehicle, using the application at any station in the e-charge network.

  • If you already have an RFID card, it can be associated with your account. Once registered, go to the Help Desk section and let us know the card series (Customer Code).


I created my account.

How can I associate my RFID card with it?

Assign Card
  • Log in to the application and access the Help Desk tab.

  • Open a new conversation and complete the required information by selecting in the open window the following categories:

    • My charging Identifications
    • Assign RFID card to my account
    And send us your Client Code.

  • In the shortest time we will activate your card so that you can use it at any station in the e-charge network.

The electronic wallet from the e-charge application

The electronic wallet from the e-charge application is the digitized payment method that allows for online transfers with greater ease, and, implicitly, with a higher degree of security, through which you have full control over your upload sessions directly from the application.

To start a new charging session you must have in your wallet the minimum amount allowed, which is 100 RON. Please note that you must have in your electronic wallet an amount equivalent to the amount of the upload session you want to start. Otherwise, the session will suspend itself when its value exceeds the amount in your electronic wallet.

  • You can supply your e-wallet with a bank card by accessing the Top Up Funds button in the Payment menu;
  • You will find information about your e-wallet (including balance) in the Payment menu.
  • You have access to the history of your charging sessions including their cost from the Past Sessions menu.

For detailed information on the costs of charging from the e-charge network or promotions from our partners, please access the fees section..